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RECYCLTEX is a French company specializing in the recycling and sorting of used clothing (Thrift store) and other products.

Our products are sorted by hand by qualified employees in our sorting center located in Le Nouvelle Aquitaine near Bordeaux. Our production site guarantees quality work, which is our daily work. To do this, we have based our production on the original European quality that we collect with our own collection stations, directly from individuals or through partners.

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Quality and environmental issues play a big role today and have been important to RECYCLTEX Recycle Textiles for over 10 years.

It is important to us to help reduce the pressure on our sensitive environment, and we want to contribute to sustainable development, where we live and work.

This means that all employees are responsible for quality, continuous improvement and actively take responsibility for individual tasks.

We build trust by meeting the needs of our Customers, and we are proud to meet the major environmental requirements in a modern world.

Nos Values


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RECYCLTEX processes more than 1000 tons of textiles per year. textiles are oriented to carefully selected matrices to guarantee optimal treatment.

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RECYCLTEX wishes to create permanent jobs,

This activity, which provides a workforce, can also contribute to the employment of people in difficulty.

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RECYCLTEX is active in raising public awareness and promoting civic action: the collection and sorting of used consumer goods (including textiles) have a major environmental impact.

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