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Qualité extra


Vintage/Retro quality;

Highly sought after category, which is why also very limited. Generally, we compose an order on an individual request. For more information, do not hesitate to ask us your questions about this specific category.

Quality  Creme / Extra;

The main characteristic of this type is the absence of visible wear. This category contains up to 10% new clothing (labeled items) and can reach up to 30%. Large selection of sizes and brands.

All clothes in this category are trendy and very interesting.

These clothes are in very good condition. Best-selling category for shops and fairgrounds.

Sale in mix only (ex: mix for men or women, mix for children).

vintage qualité de recycltex tri



They are old clothes from a certain era, with a retro look, sometimes unique, worn, but also of very good quality.

Chemise hommes


Creme Quality 

Store quality for Europe and Eastern Europe Used clothing with luxury brands latest fashion winter and summer clothing

Qualité export

3 Export quality;

RECYCLTEX offers three different qualities for the export of used clothing. Each one includes second-hand clothes and accessories calibrated for the different markets where RECYCLTEX is present all over the world.

Our products are carefully packed in bales or plastic bags and shipped in containers or transported by truck.

La Maroquinerie

Quality (A) Choice selection

These are second-hand, quality, clean, flawless, fully functional and fashionable,

ready to wear, with no visible wear (no pilling, no fading, no stains or holes).


Tropical Mix quality

The export consists of a range of second-hand clothes meeting the different criteria of each region of the world.
This category undergoes two quality checks to ensure a high level of quality.


Quality Choice (AB):

This category contains used clothing with small permanent or removable defects (eg small stains, lint, etc.). This category is attractive because here you can find good quality clothes at a very reasonable price.

Quality of Recycling:

RECYCLTEX receives new shipments of second-hand clothing every day. Textile containers are sorted by type of clothing and use. Strict selection ensures excellent quality. .

Used textiles that are not selected are not lost. Second-hand clothes are professionally recycled and turned into various re-used products.

The overused textile is sorted into four guards for export to different markets like Pakistan and India

Pulls en tricot de près
Vêtements pliants
Tissu de coton blanc
Denim recyclé

Shoes & Leather Goods:

RECYCLTEX also supplies used shoes and bags. There is a huge demand for cheaper shoes in Africa, but also a huge demand for almost new shoes in Eastern European countries.

We have a wide variety of shoes and bags, from trendy shoes to more traditional bags. Used shoes are mixed: men, ladies, children and sneakers. All shoes are packed in plastic bags.

Image de SoleSavy

Quality Cream (A+)

Sorted by pair, Luxury brand

Latest  haute couture  women, men, children, sport) summer or winter

Image de Jakob Owens

1st Choice Quality (A)

Sorted in pairs, Examined carefully

Latest fashion brand (women, men, children, sport) summer or winter

Image de Erik Mclean

Handbag (A+/A)

Sorted by pair, Latest fashion brand Luxury brand (women, men, children, sport) summer or winter

sac à main 1émé Choix
Chausseur usagés
sac à main 1émé Choix
Chausseur usagés
sac à main 1émé Choix
Chausseur usagés
sac à main 1émé Choix
Chausseur usagés
Qualité Recyclage
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